Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

Some questions simmer below the surface all the time; when disaster or tragedy strike, they boil up to the top of our minds and we keep asking, Why? Why this suffering? How can a God of love allow this to happen - to me? To them?' We are living in a time when this question won't go away. Professor John Lennox has written this short book to help Christian believers and non-believers think through this perplexing issue. He writes clearly and accessibly, not giving definitive answers - no one can - but sharing insights into this problem which troubles so many, particularly at this time of bereavement, pain and financial struggle. It is published by The Good Book Company, https://www.thegoodbook.co.uk/ and can be ordered online. It is well worth reading.








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Caring for Creation



Jonathan Farey is a farmer, on a farm near Buckland St Mary. He is passionate about the land, and about conservation, Green and Eco issues, and has kindly agreed to be our Deanery advisor on these essential matters.

Jonathan made a short film clip as part of the Blackdown Hills Natural Futures Project called ‘Conservation Farming' which can be viewed easily here.

He and his family are also musicians, well-known in the area.

Jonathan writes: With my wife, Maria, and our four daughters, we love playing music and singing, especially in churches where, on the whole, the acoustics are good. We don't like to use any amplification if possible. You can find out more if you go to our eldest daughter's website www.jemimafarey.co.uk We play at churches, village halls, care homes, social groups and festivals etc. as and when we can.

‘As far as green/eco issues are concerned, I think this time of self-isolation due to Covid19 is a great opportunity for people to reflect on such matters in their own life, and consider what measures they can take themselves to make a difference. Cutting out waste, single use plastics, unnecessary journeys, saving energy, electricity, water etc. around the home, making do and mending, these sorts of things which we can all do relatively easily now we may well have the time, and we will feel better for it, and be better off emotionally, socially and financially.

‘Governments around the world are not acting quickly enough to address climate change and green issues generally so we the people have to take up the cause and act responsibly. As a nation, we started the industrial revolution, becoming a materialistic capitalist society with the ensuing pollution and other eco and green issues, so we should be leading the rest of the world, setting an example and becoming an inspiration to others in tackling this most desperate situation.

‘We should not be so obsessed with growth and financial profit, but ‘consider the lilies of the field' more and look at the animal kingdom who live but to survive and reproduce and crucially, DO NO HARM to our amazing planet, mother Earth. In a nutshell, our mantra should be ‘No profit without integrity' and we can start at home and all make a difference.

‘Waste has always been a bugbear of mine having been brought up in a big family on a low income. There was no waste and we constantly made do and mended. We were not under-privileged or unhappy as a result. The fact that a third of all food is wasted infuriates me beyond belief. We could feed and clothe the world so easily if ‘the West' cleaned up their act - which could include rationing of some items. I have campaigned for rationing of certain things for a long time, so far to no avail. Governments would have to be very brave to implement it. The public would protest, I suppose.

‘But I say ‘desperate times need desperate measures', as we see and accept with the pandemic.

‘The climate change crisis is just as urgent and desperate and it is not going away soon, as the virus hopefully will.'


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