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Updated - 22nd July 2021

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Ilminster Deanery Monthly Prayer Diary 2021

Ilminster Deanery Monthly Prayer Diary 2021 (print copy)

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Welcome Ilminster Deanery


To Area Deans, Lay Deans and Assistants

Please can I ask you to highlight to church leaders across your deanery the questionnaire (link below) for a new Bishop of Bath and Wells and encourage them to advertise this too.

Bath and Wells Diocese | New bishop consultation

The more feedback we get from deaneries and parishes the better. It is important that the Committee is made aware of people's feelings and this is one important way that people can feed into the process.

Deadline for questionnaires is August 20th. Survey is online and hard copies can be printed off and distributed if needed.

If people have further comments and questions they can be sent to

Full details on the vacancy process can be found at Bath and Wells Diocese | Appointing a new bishop

Many thanks


(Vacancy in See Committee Chair)

Heavenly Father,
Give us, we pray, a shepherd after your own heart:

refreshed by your Holy Spirit, a leader of vision, courage and compassion;
of wisdom and humility;
and give to all who must discern these gifts
the grace to perform their task,
that your kingdom may come,
and your will be done,
here and in all the world. Amen.

Simon Hill

Archdeacon of Taunton




Dear friends,

I am delighted to be able to tell you that at Synod meetings in June, both Crewkerne and Ilminster Deaneries voted very positively to be united. It will take some months for the legal process to be completed, but in practical terms we are now working together.

There has been much discussion about the name of the newly combined Deanery. We didn't want to revert to the old ‘Crewkerne and Ilminster', and we need to have a name that is consistent with Diocesan policy of a name that gives some indication of where the Deanery is situated geographically. The most acceptable name we have proposed is ‘Somerset South', so that is how we will be known.

To celebrate our forthcoming Union, we are holding a Worship and Cream Tea afternoon on August 25th, and hope very much that there will be people from each of the 50 parishes there - all are welcome! Your local church will be able to give you details of place and time.

Times keep changing, and we are all relieved and thankful that restrictions on worship in church will soon be lifted. Being able to worship God in freedom and together is a priceless gift.

There are very significant challenges ahead in the Church of England as in the wider world, and I trust that as a united Deanery we will be further inspired to share the love of God and to grow in our witness to Jesus Christ.

One very positive development is a fresh appreciation of the gifts and leadership of Lay people, and here we must thank Greg Hoare for all the years and commitment he has given to being Lay Dean. At Ilminster Synod we were able to thank him as he now comes to the end of his term and retires at the end of this month. Thank you, Greg!

We are very appreciative also of our present Assistant Lay Dean, Jim Webb, who is willing to step into the role as Lay Dean. Thank you in advance to Jim too.

Looking to the next stage of our journey together, in Christ,

Revd Judith Abbott

Area Dean


On this website, you will find various pages including:

Prayer, Art & Music, and What Matters, for our ongoing engagement with community and global matters such as modern-day slavery and Green issues.

We hope that many people will want to send items, so please do contact Jon Mayled, the website administrator at jonmayled@btinternet.com, or me at judith754@btinternet.com

For now, while our physical space is confined, may our hearts and minds be free to love God and neighbours in all the ways we can, and we continue to pray for all who are suffering or working to relieve the ill effects of Covid-19.

We are a group of six Benefices and two single Parishes in South Somerset; we are part of the Taunton Archdeaconry. As members of the Church of England and in common with all Christians, we are inspired by the love of God and are committed to following the Way of Christ in our lives and our worship.

If you would like to know more about Christian faith, please do be in touch with any of us and we would be delighted to talk to you. We aim to make all of our 36 churches open and accessible, and you will be welcomed at any service on Sundays or weekdays.

We also want to share the love of God and the hope we have been given in our communities.

Our particular Deanery mission is to ask ourselves:

 What matters? WHo cares?

which means; what is important to the people of our parishes? What are the real concerns of daily life? What kind of issues are there for communities or the natural environment in our area?

And then: Who is part of the response to these matters? Which are the organisations involved already, or might become involved, and how do we as Church members join in or initiate a caring and effective response?

What matters a great deal to us is the safety and well being of all members of our communities and as churches we operate careful Safeguarding Policy practices.

We hope that you will be able to use this website to find information, and to join in our vision of deepening and extending the work of the Holy Spirit in the Deanery.

Revd Judith Abbott

Area Dean



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